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SiegeLearn – Content Marketing Course

Level up Your SEO Knowledge

Without requiring to buy pricey tools. Feel positive examining searches to much better comprehend why Google surface areas material.
Compose Templates That Actually Get Read.

No more waiting and sending out for a reaction. Our outreach design templates attain a 20% or much better open rate usually.
Possibility More Efficiently.

Stop the spray and hope technique to outreach. We’ve lowered vetting time to seconds per site so you send out greater quality pitches.
Get Content Ranking Faster.

Unsure where to begin with keyword research study? Done your research however absolutely nothing is ranking?

What You Get:

Content Marketing

  • How to Use SEO & & Content to Increase Traffic
  • How to Brainstorm Ideas
  • How to Brainstorm Link Driven Content
  • How to Brainstorm Search Driven Content
  • How to Brainstorm Hybrid Content
  • Using Social Proof to Validate Good Ideas
  • Determining an Outreach Market for Link-Driven Assets
  • How to Choose a Content Format
  • Design Best Practices For All Content Needs
  • Listicle Creation Best Practices
  • SEO Driven Article Best Practices
  • Infographics for Link Building Best Practices
  • Long-form Content Best Practices
  • Survey Content Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Interactives
  • Photography for Content Marketing
  • Video Tips for SEO
  • Content Marketing Quiz


  • What is Link Building?
  • What Makes Something Linkable?
  • Improving Outreach with AIDA
  • Subject Lines That Get 20%+ Open Rates
  • Make or Break Outreach Details
  • 4 Tested and attempted Prospecting Methods
  • How to Vet a Prospect in Seconds
  • When it Gets Hard


  • How to Find an Email.
  • 4 Advanced Prospecting Techniques
  • How to Get the Huffington Post, Fast Company and More to Cover You
  • How to Get Influencers and Bloggers to Cover You
  • How to Conduct Broken Link Building (BLB)
  • Common Scenarios and Follow Ups
  • Leveraging Reddit for Links and Traffic
  • How to Track and Report On Links
  • Learning from Failed Outreach
  • Outreach Quiz


  • Must-Know SEO Terms for Content Marketers
  • Beginner Keyword Research for Content Marketers
  • How to Optimize Without Keyword Stuffing
  • Ranking Factors You Should Know
  • Can I Rank For This?
  • How SERPs Can Inform Your Content
  • How to Rank for “How-to” Keywords
  • How to Rank for “Ideas” Keywords
  • How to Rank for “Quotes” Keywords
  • How to Rank for “Best” Keywords
  • Single Page SEO Auditing for a Content Marketer
  • How to Grow Without Ever Going Viral
  • SEO Quiz

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